Small KinderScoot Toy

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I lovingly call this toy a “Kinder Scoot.” This scooter is made from drop plywood scraps and poplar dowels.  The dowels are stained any color of your choosing for a great contrast to the natural color of the plywood. The four wheels are office chair wheels and let your child scoot in all directions for a super fun time!











The wheels are made from polyurethane/nylon for a soft cushy ride, and make minimal noise on your hardwood floors.  The handle is a U-bolt with plastic tubing that covers the metal for a little cushion and grip for your little one’s hands. The handle is attached with a nut in the topside and acorn nut on the bottom that has a smooth dome. All edges are sanded smooth so no slivers! Base is approximately 10″ wide and 18″ long. Seat height approximately 10″.

Pictured is my nephew on the Large KinderScoot.

*Should only be used under adult supervision, and adults, this scooter makes a nice footrest when you child is not using it. I recommend that your child should be at least 2 to use this scooter. This is a ride on toy and should not be used as a walk training tool. It has a durable, protective finish but should not be left outside in a rain storm. Like all moving toys, use caution when in use. Thanks!

Please contact me with any other questions you might have.

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