Walnut and Birdseye Maple Tongue Drum

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DSC_0256I love music, and so does my daughter. So to relieve my ears of those plinky musical toys, I made her a tongue drum. She loves it so much, I thought I would make more to help all you other parents out! The top of the drum is made of Birdseye Maple and the body is made of Walnut. 8 un-tuned keys are cut into the top.

This drum is not tuned to any specific chord but produces deep beautiful tones. The sound hole enhances the resonance of the drum. Comes with rubber (superball) mallets, but you don’t need to use them if you choose not to. Just drumming your hands on the top makes the sounds blend wonderfully.

Sanded super smooth and finished with a hand rubbed poly that is non-toxic when cured, so it is safe for children if they strangely decide to chew on the drum. These drums  are roughly 7″ tall, 7″ wide, and 12″ long.  Comes with a faux-velvet bag for easy storage.

There is about a 2 week waiting period for this drum. It will be unique and not be exactly like the drum pictured as all wood is natural and has different characteristics. If you would like a photo of your drum before I ship it, please email me with your request.

I LOVE making these drums. I am always experimenting with new wood combinations to listen to the different sounds they produce together. Each one is very unique and has its own character in sound and look.

This drum will last forever if you keep it in a warm, dry place. Never leave any instrument in a non-temperature controlled space such as the garage or attic (even the basement can be a little sketchy sometimes).

I take custom orders for tongue drums.  If either of these drums has been sold, please contact me for other options.  I make them one at a time, so please be patient for my next listing.  Thanks!

To hear one of my drums in action, Check out my friend’s kiddos here!

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