Spring is here?

April 10, 2018 | Posted in: Blog

Where is Spring?! Minnesota has a funny way of showing it. All this being cooped up in my shop is making me go a little stir crazy. I like to take outside breaks to recharge, but it’s been a little difficult lately.

Since I have had a little time, I have been thinking of offering some more kids classes. What are some projects you would like to learn with your kiddo? I like to offer classes where parents are involved, so these would not be “drop your kid off and get a drink at Tattersall” type of classes. (Tattersall Distilling is just up the hall from my shop). Make your own roll toy is one that I like to teach, but there are other options for older kids as well. Send me an email is you have any suggestions: oaktreeartsmn@gmail.com.


Don’t worry folks, the snow will be gone soon!



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