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As I have stated in a few of my previous posts, I have  plethora of scrap wood.  It is constantly haunting me as well as inspiring me.  Chunks and chunks of great stuff is just lying around in many many places, most of it is stuffed in bins and boxes.  The other day my daughter was poking around as usual when she started building a little makeshift city out of a pile of cutoffs.


Duh!  I realize that plain old blocks are pretty popular with the kiddos today, or mostly their parents are looking for better more natural toys.  Including myself of course, but I can’t justify buying things I know I can make.  So it seems now, I don’t have to make anything since my runt will make toys out of my layabouts.

Designing and making toys makes me kinda giddy inside.  I get random ideas in a variety of situations.  I get an inkling and I have to drop whatever I am doing and start immediately on making my new concept.  Therefore I seem to never get anything done in my shop that I actually need to get done.  I am trying to force myself to just write down my idea so I can continue on what I am trying to finish.

Sometimes I rack my brain for new concepts, and don’t ever seem to come up with anything.   I know I just need to step back and think of how simple it is to be a child exploring the world and discovering what we would think is insignificant, but to them it is wondrous and full of mystery.  Remember, fun can be found in the most commonplace objects and situations.  You just need to see it.

Quite the rambler I am tonight.  Sheesh!

Stay observant!



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