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March 9, 2014 | Posted in: Blog

My never ending pile of scrap wood is a little disconcerting at the moment.  I am starting to think that I have a hoarding problem.  Luckily my brain never stops working, so I have lots ideas, just not never enough time to follow through on all of them.  So I need to prioritize what I think people will like.  I have had lots of duds and successes over the years, and I like to think the successes are increasing.  I seem to be leaning more and more towards making toys, mostly because I get to think like a kid again.

I love to build things, and I was hoping to pass that gene onto my little girl.  She’s still a work in progress.  She definitely loves to make things, but her construction skills still need some developing.  I started making “building strips” out of my warped oak framing.


I rip down the strips to 1/2″ and then cut them down int various lengths.  I got the idea originally from my 6year old niece, who came into my shop and just started stacking all the little cut off pieces I had laying around.  She made some pretty neat structures, then used almost a whole bottle of glue to keep them all together.  I am not suggesting the gluing part, but the stacking part was super fun.  I tried it out on my girl and we had lots of fun building, and she had even more fun knocking them over.

DSC_0899We just used the 6″ pieces I cut for our project.  I am trying to figure out a good combo of sizes.  Right now I am making 4″, 6″, and 8″ pieces, but maybe If I went 3 sizes by the inch would be better.  Any suggestions?  All of the pieces are made from reclaimed framing.

Speaking earlier of duds, a long time ago, I used to make a little scooter that I thought was pretty cool.  It was a throwback idea on the little scooters we all used in elementary school on the fun gym days.  My customers on the other hand were not so interested.  I just recently had a gal contact me who was very interested in getting one.  She volunteered her kiddos to be “guinea pigs”, and I am more than happy to oblige.  Toy testers are the best!

DSC_0908I make 2 sizes and both are super fun.  I like to use them to scoot around the kitchen when I am cleaning the floors.  Plus they make great moving dollies.  Scoot around on your knees, belly, or back, every way is a hoot!

I am sure I will come up with something else soon.  Maybe one day I will come up with the next “big thing”, but for now, I am content with little things.



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