Magnetic Ball Run Game

April 2, 2014 | Posted in: Blog

All the oak framing I have around the shop is starting to pile up, so I need to keep creating new things to re-purpose it.  More times than I like to admit, I just end up cutting it down, and give it away as firewood.  It makes me sad.

I have been tinkering with this game for some time now, and I am finally ready to give it a go on the market.  Basically, all the pieces can be moved around on a metal surface to create a ball run.  Gravity can mess with you a bit when you are arranging the pieces, which is makes it all the more fun moving them around.

ball dropDSC_0910DSC_0914  I have had a few different kids give it a go, and they seem to love it.  Even my adult friends are having a good time playing around with it as well.

The balls are metal and I put a magnet on the end “basket” piece to catch the ball  and make it stick.  There is still the problem of the ball not hitting perfect and it rolling away underneath furniture.  So, I made a magnet stick for easy retrieval.  Plus it is really handy for picking up you keys when you drop them.

The only real trick is finding a good metal surface to play on.  Since there are so many stainless steal fridges out there now, it is harder to find one.  I have been using the metal door at my shop.  Another good surface is the side of the fridge if you have access to it.

It is a great game for kids.  It teaches problem solving and is fun with magnets.  You can move the pieces around and make different pathways and combinations.  I will be taking these to my next show to have a test run.  I have learned that it’s always good to get a lot feedback on any project.  Sometimes I think I am a genius, only to find out I am a dufus.  Unfortunately it happens more often than I like to admit…




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