Magnet Maze Game

May 29, 2014 | Posted in: Blog

Here goes my magnet obsession again. I had been tinkering with an idea for a few years now, and finally made it happen. I wanted to do some kind of interactive art installation for Art-A-Whirl this year. So at the last minute, which is very much my MO, I threw together my mini-masterpiece.

DSC_0981Basically, I took an old piece of plywood I had laying around and painted a some little environments.  I know it’s a bit scrappy, but I painted it in about 45 minutes. Which is all the time I had, trying to at the same time, entertain a 3 year old who wanted to “help”. I always have a bunch of random scrap pieces laying around, so I cut them up and made my little maze over the landscape. I secured all the little pieces by just gluing them to the board. Then the fun part, drawing all the little animals to travel to their homes.

DSC_0982I drilled holes into the backs of the little wood animals and glued in a metal nut. Then I made a few “wands” with a couple super strong magnets in them.


I put a piece of plexiglass over the whole piece and screwed it down instead of using silicone just in case I needed to move things around on the inside at some point. Then the fun part, moving the wildlife around the maze with the magnet. The original thought was to put exes on all the spots where the animals were supposed to end up. In the end, I decided to keep it organic and just let the kiddos decide where they wanted them to go.

DSC_0983Most of the event, I found the animals in very funny places.  It was super fun watching and listening to the kids figure out where they wanted them to go. I overheard one little girl say, “I think Sasquatch wants to go to the beach.” A lot of the time, kids were waiting behind adults who were taking way too long to play. Hopefully this will become a new thing I make. I already have an order for a small one.

I decided to keep it up on my wall even after the festival.  Which is kinda a bad idea when I feel like playing with it all the time.


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