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January 6, 2013 | Posted in: Blog

Growing up, I was always curious about how things worked.  I liked to take things apart, but I didn’t necessarily like putting them back together all the time.  Karma is a stinker sometimes.

I recently taught my daughter to use a few different tools, mainly the screwdriver.  I gave her a few different spots where I allowed her to put some screws into some old wood paneling and then take them out.  It was definitely a time killer for me and taught her a bit of hand eye coordination.  Well, one afternoon she just came into the living room after being very quiet for quite a while (I should have known better) and handed me a handful of screws.  “Here you go Mommy,” was all she said as she handed them to me and walked away with her screwdriver.  I still don’t know where they all came off of!

Tada!  The Wooden Toy Toolbox was born!

I needed to start making more “boy” focused toys for a bit.  There are so many fantastic toys geared toward girls, I wanted to broaden my horizons a bit.  I know, I know, tools are for girls too, obviously I am product of a Tomboy upbringing.  This tool set includes a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, saw, and accurate 6″ ruler in a little toolbox.  I make the tools out of all the great little cut off pieces I have left over from bigger framing jobs.

My next big project is a magnetic maze game.  I made a prototype a while back and haven’t had a chance to build a new larger one quite yet because of my busy Holiday season.

It looks a little rough right now, but to explain, you take the little wand and direct the little magnetic bee through the maze.  It has a plexiglass top screwed into the wood.  It is a little elementary in it’s design, but I have drawn up a few larger versions that I think will be awesome.  My daughter has mastered this one, but the newer version should take a while for her to figure out.

In short, kids are great inspirations.  Keep you eyes open and pay attention to them, mostly because they can take things apart without you realizing till it’s too late….




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  • Rach says:

    Hey Kate!

    I fell in love with the tool box set at your holiday craft show. I think the tool box and many of your other items, like the wooden roller toys, are so attractive that I’m thinking of getting some for me! They are beautiful to display, great conversation pieces, they remind me of you, and when the little ones in my life come to visit, they can have toys to play with!

    I look forward to seeing the next transformation of the magnetic maze (love the bee going back and forth from hive to flower).

    Wishing you continuing inspiration!


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