Fox 9 News Morning Show Appearance

October 24, 2012 | Posted in: Blog

Yesterday Fox 9 Morning News came out to my shop and taped a segment for the upcoming Handmade MN Market taking place this Saturday.  I am excited to be in the show, but am a little apprehensive about being on TV.  Luckily the host, M.A. Rosko, walked me through it and hopefully I don’t seem too nervous.  She even rode one of my scooters!

The other artists did a fantastic job describing their work and the upcoming show and it was fun to watch the process.   I did clean up a bit so I hope the shop looks good on camera.  The funny thing for me is that I forgot to take off my work apron, so I am wearing it through the entire bit.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a super cute apron, but it just accentuates the fact that I am a big dork.

The segment will air tomorrow morning, if anyone is interested in checking it out.  Just laugh along, as I am sure I will be.  And then come on out the Handmade MN Market this Saturday and check out all the cool stuff!



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