DIY Birds in Flight Silhouette Project

June 11, 2013 | Posted in: Blog

Before our daughter was born, I had all kinds of grand ideas for decorating her room.  Then, reality sank in and I was just happy to get some paint on the walls and a few random pictures up and call it a day.

One idea I ended up completing after the fact was a few “birds in flight” silhouettes.  They are pretty easy to make so I thought I would share.

A few things you need:

1/2″ or 3/4″  MDF

Bandsaw or Jigsaw


Primer and Spray Paint (your choice on color)

Sawtooth Hangers with screws

I always want to support my local hardware stores, but sometimes at the big home improvement stores, they have cut off pieces of plywood and MDF that they sell at a big discount.  If you do not want to buy a whole sheet, this is a good option if you can hit the right day.  Sometimes they even have a few good pieces in the garbage!

I found a number of silhouette examples online.  Here is a good example: click.  I roughly measured off how wide I wanted them and drew them right onto my MDF by sight, putting my art degree to use.  You can do the same or download and print the ones you want, then trace them onto your material of choice.  It might be fun to do some at 12″ wide on up to 24″ to get some implied distance on your wall.

Cut out your shapes just outside your pencil line with your jigsaw or bandsaw.  After you have them cut out, sand the edges with your sandpaper.

Find a nice open spot outside and prime your birds on the side you want facing forward.  Follow the directions on drying time.  When primer is dry, spray desired color.  I chose a cranberry color for my feathered friends.

When all dry, attach your sawtooth hanger.  I tested my cut outs by balancing them on my finger to find the right pivot point so they would hang right on the wall.

Hang at will.


I actually stole these and put them up in my studio instead of our daughters room.  She has lots of cool things in her room already, I thought I needed a few for myself!  I hung them close to the ceiling across the whole wall.  They are roughly 24-30″ long a piece.  I couldn’t get  a great shot of the whole wall with my camera, sorry about that.

Birds are a nice touch, but if you follow the whole “put a bird on it” stigma, it might be overdone.  You could also make a moon and stars and paint them with a glow in the dark paint.  Other flying objects; airplanes, clouds, UFOs, squirrels.  Or anything else you can imagine.

It is pretty easy to do after you get the hang of it.   You can pick up all of these things at your local hardware store.  At my Ace Hardware, you can even rent a jigsaw for the day.  But, in my opinion, everyone should own a jigsaw ;).





Keep making stuff!


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