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March 23, 2015 | Posted in: Blog

I have been meaning to post about this for a while, but life has been getting in the way lately. Getting in the way in a good way of course. I have been doing a lot of stuff away from my computer screen, which is always good in my book. But alas, I realize I need to crack down and get some interweb stuff going.

Last Fall, a friend of mine and I took our little munchkins up to visit some horses I used to work with. They are some big boys that pull carriages around Minneapolis and St.Paul. I was a horse carriage driver for many years through college and out. (Check them out here: The Hitching Company) My ol’ boss, and good friend, lets me pop by the farm every now and again to get my draft horse fix. These guys have such big gentle hearts, they let you just cuddle right up to them.

Elle&Gretta Horses-5-XLI love to take my daughter on little adventures whenever I can. Being outside and exposed to all the beautiful things makes life so much more interesting. Watching our little ones interact with other living things brings such a great feeling to my heart. Now I’m getting all sappy… Anyway, it keeps you young at heart when you get to relive all those amazing things that your kids are learning and experiencing is quite a trip.

Elle&Gretta Horses-2-XLOf course they wanted to climb the fence. I would too in their position, and I did. It’s not as easy as it used to be.

Elle&Gretta Horses-34-XLThe girls took to them pretty quick, and the horses were very happy to get so much attention. The apples didn’t hurt either.

Elle&Gretta Horses-38-XLMost of the draft horses backs are at my eye level. Back when I was a braver soul, some of the other drivers and I would throw saddles on the draft horses and ride them around the back roads. It was pretty fun, even though they weren’t saddle trained, but they got the drift of right and left pretty well. We were pretty much nothing but a bother to them on their backs, but they didn’t seem to mind too much.

Elle&Gretta Horses-32-XLBeing around horses has always calmed my busy mind. They have a way about them that lifts my soul a bit. I miss being around them, but it is not a practical thing for my life anymore right now. That doesn’t stop me from wanting my daughter to have some of the same exposure I had growing up around them though.

Elle&Gretta Horses-60-XLWe had a picnic with the horses that gorgeous fall day. The girls explored the barn and all the other fun things you find around a farm.

Elle&Gretta Horses-61-LAfterward, we hit the pumpkin patch up the road for some snacks and shenanigans. This wasn’t your average pumpkin patch by the way. They had a multitude of pettable animals, random (creepy) anime-tronic story tellers, a pumpkin chunkin’ cannon, tricycle races, and, of course, a giant pillow trampoline! I highly recommend making the trip if only to see the shaggy cows: Pinehaven Farm.

Elle&Gretta Horses-65-XLThe girls were flying through the air, giggling the whole time. Talk about some hang time!

Elle&Gretta Horses-73-XLHopefully these two will become best friends forever. My friend Jessica is an amazing photographer. She took all these shots, so I would like to thank her for letting me use them. Check out the rest of the Gallery here: Teigen and Craig Photography.

Get outside and enjoy the weather. Leave your phone at home or in the car. Pay attention and look around. Talk to people and make new friends. Learn a new skill. Play with a goat (because they are awesome).

Stay young my friends!


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  • Rach says:

    These pics bring me back over 30 years to when you and I were tykes 🙂
    Inspirational! So important to seek out and practice what brings calm and joy to one’s soul… and to share that with the little ones.
    Gorgeous photography Jessica!

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