DSC_0567Welcome friends!

I have a small wood shop in Minnesota where I make hardwood framing for stained glass windows. I also use my woodworking skills to create wood crafts with all the materials that are around my shop. I am an all around artist dabbling in many different media.

I have a degree in Studio Art and Archeology from the University of Minnesota.  I got into woodworking right out of college and never looked back. I have a deep background in classic art forms and craft work. Keeping creative is my main goal in life, and I am always learning new techniques and skills.  Everything is handmade by me, with occasional help from friends and family when I am in a pinch. Almost all of my products are made from domestic hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash, cherry, and walnut, with the occasional exotic thrown in for interest when I find them (the majority of which are reclaimed or re-purposed materials).

My very adventurous daughter has inspired me to create more children’s items.  I test all my new ideas on her, and if she plays with and/or chews on them, I usually call it a success.

I make most things to order, so there might be a slight delay when ordering.  If I have something made up and ready to go, I can usually have it out the same day as ordered.  I put a lot of love in everything I make, and sometimes it takes me a bit longer than people are used to.  Thanks for your patience ahead of time.

I create custom orders for anyone interested.  Just contact me at oaktreearts@yahoo.com.

I hope you enjoy what I offer, and I will be adding to my store when I come up with some more new stuff.

Woodworking is my specialty, but I also dabble in paint on canvas, fabrics and sewing, glass art, ceramics, leather, and metal.  Please visit my shop at Etsy.com , or on Facebook. I just started keeping up with my Instagram account as well!  Check it out to see what I am up to.



Telephone: 612-789-2990

Address: 1620 Central Avenue NE Ste.156
Minneapolis, MN 55413

General Information: Email Me!

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